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A hard nut to crack? That is the general perception about Civil Services Examination. But it isn’t really so, with the right approach, the right guidance, a bit of hard work and a lot of smart work we will make it possible.

Vision, Aptitude, Judgement, Integrity, Rationality, Assertiveness and Organisation are some of the key attributes expected of Civil Services aspirants. ALCHEMY IAS stands for all of that.


Why we stand out

We don’t just coach. We get you out of your couch! And put you on the road to success… We at ALCHEMY believe every student is unique and has the potential to succeed. Therefore, we make every effort to help them realise their uniqueness, tap into their latent potential, unlock their creativity, develop critical thinking, gain confidence, and deliver. Led by its founder Mr. Gris Hikdas, the Institute strives to equip learners with both the intellectual capacity and the personal qualities needed to sail through. Carefully chosen study material provided to learners saves their time and keeps them focused. Liberal hours of personal attention ensure that learners do not lag behind and stay on track. Forward to success!

What to Expect @ALCHEMY IAS

Efficient and hardworking faculty 1 1

Efficient and Hardworking 


Friendly learning environment 1 1

 Friendly Learning Environment

Basic information on Civil Services Exam

Basic Information on  Civil 

Services Exam

Expert interview guidance

Expert Interview Guidance

How to write winning answers 1 1

How to Write Winning Answers

Encouragement to analyse issues topics critically

Encouragement to Analyse Issues, Topics Critically

Tips on effective communication presentation 1 1

Tips on Effective Communication, Presentation

Selected study materials 1 1

Selected Study materials

Last but not least motivation

Last But Not Least, Motivation


We at Alchemy IAS believe, Civil Services is not a job but a service to the nation. Hence, we constantly strive to produce efficient & effective civil servants who are dedicated towards the holistic development of our nation and deeply committed to the overall wellbeing of all Indians.


Alchemy IAS is dedicated to provide best quality and affordable coaching for Civil Services aspirants and deeply committed to impart value based education to develop high moral standards in candidates.

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